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Story About Us

We are a leading SEO & Online Marketing company based in Ongata Rongai near Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Work Proccess

At PAGE ONE, we chime in to gist of the Google success model. What does that mean?

No doubt. A World without Google search has become inconceivable and no wonder that ranking high on Google’s SERPs is the big buzz.

While maintaining an undisputed monopoly on search and widely dominating the dynamics of the web, Google is subjugated to an enormous pressure to succeed in delivering relevance.

In other words, the monopoly Google defends is based on an underlying technology that is geared towards gaining a precise understanding of what you want and delivering similarly precise answers – in the form of unique, rich, authoritative and entertaining content – to your fingertips. The elimination of spam and irrelevant generic content from its SERPs is the logical reverse of these dynamics.

Working with us

People are our priority. We promote continuous development as the basis of our day-to-day management by offering continuous training, learning by example with a positive attitude and creating a climate in which new ideas can be put forward.

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